uThrive is offering an opportunity zone fund that will be purchasing properties for development and redevelopment in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

What is an opportunity zone? According to the IRS it is “an economically-distressed community where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment.” Click here to visit the IRS site that goes over frequently asked questions about opportunity zones.

What is the tax benefit? The tax benefit is that when an investor reinvest capital gains into an opportunity fund like our, they defer and reduce their tax liability on that gain. Capital gains invested in an opportunity fund can be defered on earnings until 2027. Please visit Fundrise for more information on opportunity zones.

To see the map of opportunity zones click here.

The uThrive Opportunity Zone Fund will be buying lots for development or properties that need re-development in these zones. We expect to collect rent on these properties and have a return of 8% after expenses. Minimum investment is $100K. To discuss please call Graham Munce at 727-902-3394 or email graham@uthriveassetdevelopment.com

We have been working in real estate for over ten years and currently manage around 30 properties, have flipped hundreds of homes, flipped two mobile home parks, and other commercial properties. Let us help you defer and reduce your taxes through our fund.